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Success After Welfare
Welfare-to-Work Success Stories - 4-DVD/Video Series

The purpose of the Success After Welfare 4-part series is to assist welfare recipients in making a successful welfare to work transition. Candid interviews with multi-ethnic former welfare recipients highlight the ingredients of success beyond welfare. Topics include: goal setting; changing attitudes; self-esteem; blame & victim patterns; conflict & anger management; and taking responsibility for one’s life. Approximately

20 minutes each. A reproducible guide is included with each series.

1: Introduction 

The program introduces the participants in the series. They discuss the circumstances that led to welfare, as well as some of the obstacles that impeded their successful transition from welfare to work. The participants discovered that changing their attitude and taking responsibility for their actions were important steps to success.

2: A Successful Transition

Taking control of your life and being accountable for your actions are steps toward success. Believing in yourself and having a mentor and a support system are essential for a successful welfare to work transition.

3: Taking Responsibility

The participants agreed that transitions and positive changes begin with the individual developing self-esteem and self-respect. They discuss that education is the cornerstone of a successful welfare to work transition. Gaining both an academic education and job skills is a necessity for success.

4: Summary

The participants share some practical tips for success and offer words of advice and encouragement for people in the welfare to work transition. Set goals, make a plan for your future and, most important, stick with it!

Success After Welfare
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4-Video Series
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4-DVD Series