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The Real Deal
Grades 6 – 12
Anger management DVD for tough-to-reach adolescents! Small groups engage in cognitive exercises to recognize and correct thinking errors that lead to anger, practice social-behavioral skills through role-playing, and participate in progressive muscle relaxation exercises – an extremely effective intervention combination.
Three DVDs focus on three specific skills for controlling conflict: "Takin’ It" focuses on receiving negative feedback or criticism; "Givin’ It" discusses expressing negative feedback; and "Workin’ It Out" focuses on listening and identifying problems and solutions. Easy to use – just "plug and play," stop and start to allow for discussion and role-play.
33 to 47 minutes each. Also includes a self-relaxation audio CD, leader’s guide, quick reference guide, and a set of 24 skill cards (eight each of the three skills.)
The Real Deal
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3-DVD Set     RP5315     $395.00