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Ex-Offenders Talk about Fatherhood - DVD/ Video Series
This 4-part video/DVD series features multi-ethnic ex-offenders offering insights and advice on fatherhood.  They discuss how they learned their parenting skills, how they handled being incarcerated and separated from their children, and how they approached their reunion with their children.  They also talk about their plans for the future and conclude with thoughts about what it takes to be a successful parent.  Approximately 20 minutes each. A REPRODUCIBLE guide is included with each series.

1. Learning to be a Dad
The participants reveal their current relationship with their children. They discuss their own childhood and their parents' parenting skills, as well as other sources from which they learned.
2. Separation
The ex-offender Dads reveal the frustrations of being incarcerated and separated from their children and how they handled them. They discuss their relationships with their children and caregivers.
3. Reunion
The participants discuss how they re-established trust between themselves and their children when they were reunited. They also discuss how they handled questions about their past. Finally, they discuss how they began again to provide for their children.
4. Where do we go from here?
These Dads have plans for their futures and their children's futures and they reveal how they plan to continue to learn parenting skills. In conclusion, they discuss what it takes to be a successful Dad.

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