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REENTRY: The Path to Success
70 Lessons! Reproducible Teacher's Resource Book

by Jonathan Baker, retired reentry instructor - Ohio D.O.C.

A new reproducible teacher resource book for your reentry/ pre-release curriculum. This guide book offers 70 lessons tailored to the stages of a prisoner’s path from prison to society. Each lesson comes in worksheet format, ideal for reproduction.

Topics include anger management, health and well-being inside and outside prison, decision making, reuniting with family, avoiding bad habits and emotional triggers, finding employment, and much much more.

Dive into the toughest subjects with your students, fully supported by this substantial teacher’s guide. Using this guide, you can help your students gain a strong foothold in life so they will never return to prison.  Each one of them can and will be successful!

Comes with an innovative set of Con Not Playing Cards, ideal for helping prisoners review their lessons and commit them to memory.


Reproducible. 88pp.


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