Greystone Educational Materials

DVD/ Video Series
Provide offenders in pre-release with a basic understanding of the modern technology they will need to function in today's world and have a better chance at success!  The focus of this 4-part video/DVD series is on computer literacy, including using the Internet to find jobs, housing and transportation.  Cell phones and financial life skills that use technology are also highlighted.  Approximately
20 minutes each.  A REPRODUCIBLE guide is included with each series.

1: How the World has Changed
This introduction to modern technology shows how computers, the Internet and cell phones have changed everything we do, from banking and communicating to finding a job, housing and transportation.  The importance of embracing change is stressed.

2: Finding a Job & a Place to Live
Using technology, along with other resources, makes finding a job and housing easier. Starting early, planning, and preparing for success by taking advantage of computer education in prison is stressed.

3: Modern Communication & Transportation
Technology has changed the way we communicate with the advent of the cell phone!  Technology can also help find necessary transportation, from bus routes and maps to used cars for sale.

4: Developing Your Skills
Take advantage of computer training now and plan on gaining even more knowledge upon release.  Also, be aware of the "dark side" of modern technology - identity theft, a lack of privacy, and opportunities for crime and vice that can lead to costly mistakes!
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Technology 101 4-Video Series     GR126     $299.00
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Technology 101 4-DVD Series     GR326     $299.00
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Technology 101 4-DVD Series (Captioned)     GR626     $299.00