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Keeping it Between the Lines - DVD/ Video Series

Prepare offenders for success on parole by having a purpose, a plan, and a back-up plan!  While finding housing, employment, and transportation are important to parolees, simple mistakes can undo the best plans, resulting in parole violations and a return to prison.  This 4-part video/DVD series features multi-ethnic ex-offenders offering insights and advice.  Approximately 20 minutes each.  A REPRODUCIBLE guide is included with each series.

1: Mapping it Out
Ex-offenders, both men and women, share their experiences while on parole, stressing the need for having goals and a purpose, a plan, and a back-up plan!  They caution that the ex-offender should not expect instant success and should not try to go it alone.

2: Getting in Gear
The participants recall how they took responsibility for their lives as ex-offenders on parole by making good choices.  They also reveal that sometimes they stumbled before they could go forward!

3: Revving it up with Resources
Ask for help when you need it, advise the ex-offender participants!  They focus on how to identify and find the many varieties of resources that will work for the ex-offender and advise them not to wait until release to research resources.
4: Keeping it between the Lines
The participants share what they are doing now and how they got there.  They emphasize, again, that planning is key, along with making good choices and using resources.  They give a message of hope that ex-offenders can manage their parole and can be successful!

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