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A Staff Training Program - 8-DVD/ Video Series

Suicide and its ideology are common problems faced by correctional facilities.  This series of 8 videos/DVDs is designed as basic training for correctional officers, administration and staff working in today's jails and prisons.  The first four videos/DVDs, Part I, are intended to cover basic requirements for a two-hour annual suicide training.  The last four videos/DVDs, Part II, contain a facilities and programs overview and additional staff interviews.  Approximately 26 minutes each.

1: Myths, Liabilities & Policies
2: Risk Factors, Suicide Model, Booking & Screening
3: Incident Response
4: Aftermath / Post-Event Investigations

5: Facilities & Programs
6: Additional Interviews - Sheriff
7: Additional Interviews - Jail Administrator / Frontline Staff
8: Additional Interviews - Mental Health Response

This educational video/DVD series is designed to cover basic information on suicide in adult correctional settings. It is not intended to replace the judgment of the medical/mental health providers in the jail or prison. The instructor or producer are not responsible for the application of this information with any particular individual. They are not responsible for any errors, omissions or misapplication in/of this video series. Users are expected to stay current with all applicable research.

Dr. Sheretts is currently the Mental Health/Criminal Justice Manager for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Corrections of the State of Maine. He is a forensic psychologist, a former deputy sheriff, EMT, and a negotiator with an emergency response unit. He has held numerous academic positions at several universities.

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