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Ex-Offenders Talk About Going Home - DVD/ Video Series
This 6-part series asks how the inmate leaving prison reintegrates back into the family. Are the expectations real? First hand accounts and insights from ex-offenders who have made the transition from prison to family life. They cite their struggles, successes and failures. Approximately 20 minutes each. A REPRODUCIBLE guide is included with each series.

1: Fear & Anticipation
Ex-offenders discuss fears related to returning home after being released from prison, and stress the importance of realistic expectations.

2: Anger
Includes practical suggestions for anger resolution for different facets of the family - the returning ex-offender, spouse and children.

3: Rebuilding Relationships
Ex-offenders stress that the development of trust between family members is key to rebuilding relationships. They also advise to expect progress to happen slowly, not overnight.

4: Communication
Communication with spouse and children involves both sharing and listening. Although it takes time and practice, ultimately it reaps great rewards.

5: Forgiveness
Ex-offenders discuss the importance of seeking forgiveness for their past actions, not only from their family, but also from themselves.

6: Insights & Advice
Practical suggestions are offered along with additional insights into making the smoothest possible transition from prison to family life.
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Family Reunification 6-Video Series     GR117     $399.00
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Family Reunification 6-DVD Series     GR317     $399.00