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Practical Advice & a Positive Message - DVD/ Video Series

This 4-part series features multi-ethnic ex-offenders discussing parenting from prison and beyond. The series also features Barbara Rasmussen, parenting teacher at the Racine Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, who offers her expert advice and a message of hope to parents in prison. Approximately 25 minutes each. A REPRODUCIBLE guide is included with each series.

1: What does it Mean to be a Parent?
Participants tell the true stories of their experiences as parents in prison. They discuss the frustrations
of separation, relationships with caretakers, and how they provided emotional support for their children during their incarceration.

2: Rights and Responsibilities
Participants talk about the difference between the legal responsibility of support and real parenting.
Most importantly, they address how one earns the right to be in a child's life!

3: Keeping in Touch
Participants discuss what they did to keep parent-child bonds together while in prison. They talk about visits, special occasions, and the necessity of sending a constant message of love.

4: Going Home
Participants talk about how they reestablished their parental relationship with their children using resources and how they dealt with issues of anger, trust and forgiveness. They conclude by revealing what things, large and small, went wrong when they got home, and how they could have better prepared for the reality of reunion.

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